Late evening Friday 24 November 2023, eleven young men were taken by Ethiopian government forces from the Mekane Yesus Evangelical Church in Maleko, Gidami district, Qellem Wallega zone, while attending a monthly meeting of prayers and fasting. Girls and women at the meeting were beaten. The bullet ridden bodies of nine of the young men were found in the forest three days later, with their bibles thrown on top of them (OSG Report 64, 19 December 2023, pp.22-23).
One of many villages which were razed to the ground in North Showa by Ethiopian government forces in late October 2023. Drone strikes and heavy artillery followed by ground attacks by ENDF killed over 100 civilians and slaughtered livestock in Darra, Warra Jarso, Hidabu Abote, Kuyu and Salalee districts (OSG Report 64, 19 December 2023, p.15).
Furdosa Jamal Aliyi
Teenager Furdosa Jamal Aliyi was killed during civil disturbances in Galmudug province of central Somalia on 10 January 2024 (OSG Press Release, 18 January 2024). Oromo refugees were attacked in Somaliland, Puntland and central Somalia following the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between Somaliland and PM Abiy Ahmed of Ethiopia on 1 January, which proposes the establishment of an Ethiopian port and naval base at Lughaya, on the coast of Somaliland.
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Bodies of civilians on the street in Mandi, West Wallega, after a drone strike on 9 November 2022. At least 332 civilians were killed in drone strikes in Western Oromia from October to December 2022 (OSG Report 62, 24 April 2023, pp.8-14).
Kenassa Ayana and six other OLF officials have been detained for over three years despite court orders for their release (OSG Report 64, 19 December 2023, p.12). Kenassa, Abdi Regassa, Dawit Abdeta, Lammi Begna, Mikael Boran, Gaada Oljira and Gaada Gebissa were moved to Dukem prison from Burayu Police Station one day before a visit by the National Electoral Board. Kenassa, with liver disease and diabetes, cannot move without crutches or a wheelchair. Gaada Gebissa has Hepatitis B. The OLF denounced violence and became a legal political party in 2019.
Fano militia killed hundreds of villagers in Horo Guduru zone in the last few months of 2022 (OSG Report 62, 24 April 2023, pp.24-28; Report 63, 12 September 2023, pp.27-33) including this 8-10 year old boy in Jardega Jarte district in November 2022. His throat had been cut. Nearby were his dead mother and the headless corpse of his father (Report 63, p.29). The attacks caused over 512,000 IDPs in Horo Guduru and East Wallega zones (Report 64, 19 December 2023, p.18).
Severe malnutrition, absent health facilities and large numbers of IDPs in Qellem and West Wallega zones have contributed to thousands of deaths from malaria in late 2023 (OSG Report 64, 19 December 2023, pp.23-26). The Ethiopian government has prevented aid getting through and the disaster being made public. Health infrastructure has been destroyed; commerce and farming have ceased under the rule of military Command Posts.

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