Oromo Coalition statement and video evidence.

Coalition statement on Tole; Amhara militia member says ‘killers were our own’; MP claims government responsible; Qellem Amhara support OLACoalition of Oromo Advocacy and Human Rights Groups ‘What Really Happened in the “Tole Massacre” in Western Ethiopia?’Video: Testimonials from Amhara Residents of Qellem Wallaga (source ONM)Video: Tole Amhara militia member says...

Press Release 5 July

Slaughter and Slander of Oromo intensifies with ‘Tole Massacre’: Mass executions of civilians by government forces in their campaign to defame and destroy the Oromo Liberation Army and its population base. Read full report

OSG condemns offensive against OLA and Oromo civilians

The Oromia Support Group, together with other global Oromo advocacy and human rights groups, 1 condemns unequivocally and completely the recently announced intensification of the Ethiopian government’s offensive against the Oromo Liberation Army (OLA) and, therefore and thereby, the Oromo people. Click here to read the full release