Tole Amhara militia member says killers ‘were our own’

Testimonials from Amhara Residents of Qellem Wallaga

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Survivor of Warra Jarso massacre speaks out

Oromia Region MP Hangaasaa Ibraahim accuses Oromia Region Police Commissioner Ararsa Merdasa of ordering the Karrayyu massacre

Illegal detention of migrants in Saudi Arabia: Video from inside Ulesha migrant detention centre, Riyadh, 7 August 2021.

The Shocking Human Rights Abuses at Burayu Police Station. Interview with Dessu Dulla.

Most of the 356 in this large hall are Oromo. About 43,000 were sent back to Ethiopia in July. 50-60,000 remain after 9-11 months in detention.

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